A Puppy for Christmas?

It is definitely hard to resist the temptation of bringing home a cute and roly-poly puppy home for the holidays, but before you do, please consider the following.

While puppies can bring love, joy, and excitement into your home, they can also bring a lot of expense and inconvenience.  Before you know it, that puppy will be chewing your shoes, pooping on the carpet and barking at all hours.  He will require food, veterinary care, toys, beds, walking, training, and lots of time and energy!  Suddenly the charm has worn off, and your loved one is stuck with a huge responsibility.  These are the puppies that end up in shelters across the country a month after Christmas.

Here is the good news!  There are alternatives to bringing an actual puppy home.  You can give the gift of “puppy planning”.  Take your loved one to a shelter and start off the adoption process.  You can even give a “Puppy Certificate” by promising to pay the adoption fee once their pet has been chosen.  Another option is to stuff a dog bed full of pet care supplies and include a note promising a trip to your local shelter to visit and choose a dog.  This lets you suprise the kids on Chrismas morning, yet still include them in the process.

In the end, what really matters is that a dog or puppy is a planned gift, and all family members are on board.  This is one of the reasons Pet Pal requires all family members come into the shelter to meet their new family member!  Feel free to bring the entire family in during the holidays to discover the joy in choosing and adopting a shelter dog.