Sponsorships Available!
Thank you for considering a Puppy Love sponsorship to support our shelter.

This fundraiser is vital to the operation of our shelter, and all proceeds are used in the care and treatment of our animals.

To show our appreciation, all sponsors will receive recognition on our website, in our emails to new adopters, and all of our mailers and event flyers for an entire year. We will recognize sponsorships on our 19th Annual Puppy Love Benefit website and all of our social media leading up to and on May 8, 2021. Sponsor logos will also be displayed at the shelter for a year.
Diamond – $10,000 Pet Pal Animal Shelter invests hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars rehabilitating the animals we rescue. Unfortunately, adoption fees do not cover our actual out-of-pocket expenses for surgery, medications, food, and general kennel maintenance. Your donation will help us say yes when others say no to difficult or costly cases. It will help us to rescue, transport, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, cats and small critters throughout the year.
Gold – $5,000 Our Pit Project is in place to set up pit bulls and their adopters for success. The program provides training, crates, toys, a reduced adoption fee and other perks to help their transition to a new home succeed. Your donation will help us provide these tenacious and loyal breeds with what they deserve. You will receive recognition on The Pit Project website page for an entire year.
Silver – $1,000 In 2020, we rescued and transported hundreds of animals from other shelters. This fulfills our primary mission to save animals that are at risk of being euthanized. Transport is essential but requires gas, vehicle maintenance, and even tolls. Your donation will help us to finance the transport of dogs, cats and small critters to our shelter.
Bronze – $500 Our foster program is integral to the operation of the shelter. It allows us to rescue countless puppies and kittens that are too young to remain in the shelter, and allows animals with difficult medical conditions to recover in a home environment. Your donation will help us to provide the necessities for our animals in foster care.
To complete sponsorship payments, please pay by credit card on our Puppy Love website, mail a check to 405 22nd Street South, St. Pete, FL 33712, or call the shelter at 727-328-7738 with your credit card information.


You can also provide merchandise or services to be used in our online auction.

With our substantial social media presence, donating to our silent or live auction will provide valuable exposure for your organization and help raise money for the animals, too!

Your tax-deductible donation can be dropped off or mailed to Pet Pal Animal Shelter, 405 22nd Street South, St. Pete, FL 33712. You can also contact the shelter at (727) 328-7738, and we will gladly make arrangements to pick up your donation.
Any questions please reach out to Gracie Grieshop by emailing gracie@petpalanimalshelter.com or calling her cell (813) 505-6148.