Pet Pal FAQ

What is your adoption fee?

Adoption fee for dogs is $200. Adoption fee for dogs in The Pit Project is $75. Adoption fee for cats is $40.

How can I see what animals are available for adoption?

Our website is updated daily with the exception of some animals who may become available before we were able to get a picture for our website.

What is included with my adoption?

All of our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. All dogs over six months of age are given a heartworm test. All cats are tested for feline leukemia/feline AIDS. They are all cleared by our Veterinarian for adoption, however, some may need to have a follow up visit post adoption due to booster vaccinations, heartworm follow ups and more. In your adoption folder, we will provide you with a Complimentary Exam Certificate to Pet Pal Veterinary Clinic, copies of your signed paperwork, microchip information, a county license (for Pinellas County) several gift certificates, freebies, and more.

What is your adoption process?

Adoptions are done on the same day and done on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not hold animals or make appointments.

You will be introduced to the animal of your interest and have one on one time together in our visiting room (for dogs) or in our cat room (for cats). An adoption counselor will ask you to complete a one page application including your first and last name, home address, phone number, email, etc… If you rent your home, we will need to contact your landlord. We ask that all members in the household meet the animal. We do not adopt out animals as gifts. Dogs will need to do a meet and greet with your owned dog after your adoption application has been approved.

We will need to verify Veterinary care on other animals in your household. We do not adopt out of state. Certain breeds of dogs will need to live in an owned home.

What other fee’s will I be responsible for?

All dogs must leave with a leash and martingale (escape proof collar) which you can purchase during the time of adoption in our shelter or bring with you. All cats must leave in a cat carrier which you can purchase for $8 during the time of adoption in our shelter or bring with you. We strongly recommend crating your dog during the initial getting to know period and we have crates available for purchase. We do not sell flea/heartworm preventative, pet food, cat litter or cat litter boxes.

How do you determine the animals breed?

We do not administer DNA tests as it is costly so we use the information the animal came to us with, either from a shelter or owner surrender, and our Veterinarians expertise to age and properly identify the breed.

Why do I need to own my home to adopt certain breeds?

Certain breeds are considered “dangerous.” While we know that this is a stereotype, insurance companies won’t insure those breeds, and many landlords won’t allow them. Additionally, hound dogs are not good in apartments due to their vocalizations.

Can I foster to adopt?

No. Because we have a facility that holds animals for adoption, their opportunity to be seen is their chance for adoption. If they are in foster care, that opportunity may be compromised.

Where do your animals come from?

We rescue dogs and cats from shelters that may otherwise be euthanized due to time limitations, illness, injuries or lack of socialization and training. We will accept owner surrenders if we have room. We do not take in strays. Because we are a small shelter, we have a limited number of kennels. Therefore, the number of animals that we can safely take in is also limited. Also, much depends on an animal’s individual medical needs. We cannot take animals in if we cannot afford their care and treatment.